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Blouses & Shirts

One of the basic elements of every woman’s wardrobe is rightfully considered shirts and blouses. They are suitable for creating various images: both business and less formal. Choosing the right style, you will get a universal thing that can serve you more than one season.

There are many models of women's blouses that look stylish and feminine at the same time:

  1. Classic and business style blouses never go out of style. Having such an element of clothing in your wardrobe, you can create different images both for work and for walking.

  2. Elegant chiffon and silk blouses are suitable for a romantic date or celebration. Today, there are a large number of cut options for such blouses, so choosing the right one for a certain type of figure will not be difficult.

  3. Casual shirts and blouses have become popular due to their practicality and comfort. Women wear them at any age and for any reason: whether it's a shopping trip or an informal meeting.

Oversize Blouses

The oversize style quickly burst into our lives and made the everyday image relaxed, but at the same time unusual. This style is universal in that it is suitable for any type of figure, as it is able to hide flaws and emphasize the advantages of the figure.

Designers come up with different clothes in the oversize style: coats, jackets, sweaters and even shirts with blouses. The oversize-style designer blouse is an indispensable element in the wardrobe of every fashionista. Whether it is a date, a dress code in the office or an evening meeting with friends - such a blouse will look advantageous in any case.

How to combine shirts and blouses

Shirts and blouses today are a basic element of the wardrobe of women of any age. Properly selected style and size will help to look perfect, stylish and feminine. And designer white blouses will be appropriate in any way: they can be combined with bright skirts and trousers of muted shades, with jeans and bicycles, with pumps, shoes and sneakers, with jackets, jackets and coats. Whatever mood you have, with the help of such a blouse it can be advantageously and interestingly conveyed.

Do not forget about the universal rule: if the top is free, it must be supplemented with a thing in shape. Depending on the situation, you can combine blouses like this:

  • A designer white blouse with a pencil skirt or classic trousers is ideal for the office .

  • For a date or evening outfit, such a blouse can be combined with a skirt made of light fabrics.

  • Wearing a blouse with tucked jeans or leggings, you will create a light and comfortable bow for every day.

Remember that it is not necessary to have a large number of clothes of different styles in the wardrobe, it is enough to supplement the image with relevant accessories. A bright scarf on the neck, large earrings or a neat, delicate pendant will help to create different images with the same blouse every day.

If you are looking for designer blouses, you can buy them in our online store “Irina Tydnyuk” - we create high-quality branded clothing at reasonable prices. Our shirts are made of 100% cotton, which means that your body will breathe and you will feel comfortable throughout the day. You can order your favorite blouse or shirt - and they will send it to you as soon as possible. Also, we can send parcels to other countries of the world. We responsibly approach the tailoring of our products, therefore we give a warranty period for the product of 1 year if the recommendations for care are followed.

If you have any questions, you can write to us, and our managers will answer all your questions.

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