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Fashion never stands still, and designers constantly come up with interesting models of different elements of the wardrobe that would combine luxury and comfort for the best convenience of fashionistas. One of these elements is bicycles, which became a real discovery of the season. And if at first the majority were skeptical of them, now this trend has captivated the hearts of many girls and continues to gain popularity. And all because in our time, comfort and convenience come first when choosing clothes from girls.

Bicycles are tight-fitting shorts that were originally designed for sports. However, thanks to fashion trends, they began to be combined with things from other styles. Bike shorts are plain, bright, with prints and without. Today there is a wide selection of such shorts, and they are all good in their own way.

Why bikes are so popular

Many stars, led by Kim Kardashian, wear bicycles all the time, combining them with sneakers, high-heeled shoes, boots or boots. The trend for bicycles is loved by many fashionistas because of its convenience and comfort. This wardrobe item has become so popular also because in them the legs become visually slimmer and more toned. But it is precisely this effect that every girl achieves.

What to wear with bikes

Bicycles are a universal thing in a wardrobe, because you can combine them with things from a wide variety of styles. Depending on the event, you can create a strong and, at the same time, feminine image. Combine bikes with:

  • a blouse or a shirt (you can wear both classic and oversize);

  • an elongated tunic to create a relaxed everyday look;

  • for your everyday look, wear bikes with a cropped top or t-shirt. Complement your look with massive sneakers to look more stylish.

  • For walking around the city or playing sports, combine bicycles with massive hoodies or hoodies;

  • a structured jacket and high heel shoes - this image is very trendy and stylish.

In order for bicycles to be worn with almost all your wardrobe, we recommend choosing plain colors in classic shades. So, white bikes will suit more slender and tall girls. You can choose brighter T-shirts or a stylish jacket to create a feminine look. If you are a girl with forms, we recommend paying attention to black bikes - they will help to visually look slimmer.

Where to buy bikes

Today, there is a huge selection of bikes made from different types of fabric and in different shades. But if you want this wardrobe element to last a long time, without losing its shape and color, we recommend purchasing designer bikes. They are distinguished by the quality of tailoring, and on the figure they look wonderful, emphasizing all the advantages.

You can buy designer bikes in our Irina Tydnyuk store, where they are presented in basic - black and white - colors. Product material - 100% cotton, shorts with a high fit on an elastic band. In these bikes you will feel comfortable, but at the same time stylish and harmonious, with which you would not combine them.

You can order a thing from anywhere in Ukraine - we send orders using the postal service. Delivery takes 1-2 days. Our customers are very important to us, so we give a 1-year warranty on our products and carry out free repairs if all the care recommendations are followed correctly.

If you have any questions, our managers will kindly answer them in any way convenient for you.

Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk" Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk"
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Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk" Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk"
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