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The frantic rhythm of modern life makes women look for more convenient and comfortable things for everyday and holiday wardrobe. But still, everyone wants to always look perfect and feminine. Pants, skirts are one of the main wardrobe items that have long been the base. Having chosen the style and shade of the thing that is right for your figure, you will get a universal thing for all occasions.

The skirt is an object of elegance and comfort.

Today, the skirt remains one of the most important wardrobe items for most women. And although there are such women who never cheat on trousers and jeans, they make up only a small percentage. A large half of the girls cannot imagine their life without several skirts in the wardrobe.

Modern skirts have a number of features that make them the basic thing:

  • versatility - the skirt can be mixed with things from different styles, creating strong images,

  • creation of a feminine image - the right style will visually make you more slim,

  • concealment of flaws - many models are able to hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize the advantages.

When choosing this wardrobe item, we suggest paying attention to designer skirts . Designer Irina Tydnyuk creates universal models, successfully combining classic elements and modern fashion trends. So, with us you can choose for yourself a skirt of fashionable midi length with a high waistline. Custom cut and basic colors - this is what makes our models universal for any type of figure. This skirt can be worn in the office, to meet friends or on a date. Designer skirts, which you can buy in our online store, emphasize all the advantages of the figure, look stylish both under light tops, and under knee-highs or sweaters. Complementing the look with stylish accessories and shoes, you can look different every day in the same thing.

Pants - the subject of practicality and elegance

Another basic thing that is always present in the wardrobe of every fashionable and stylish woman is trousers. Modern fashion allows you to look feminine and stylish, without restricting movement. The priority is a practical cut and a minimum of decorative elements. Designer women's pants are now made from natural materials - linen, wool, leather. Therefore, it is recommended to select models from such fabrics for even greater comfort.

There is a wide variety of styles that remain relevant to this day:

  • retro style flared pants

  • shortened and elongated wide “boyfriends”,

  • trousers in the "men's" oversize style,

  • “chinos” trousers with twists often in light shades,

  • culottes - shortened wide trousers that have been at the peak of popularity for more than one season.

Designers recommend choosing trousers in basic shades - black, white, gray. However, do not neglect the brighter shades - lemon, red, powdery - colors that fit perfectly into summer or spring onions.

Our store presents the current designer models of trousers at affordable prices. Having picked up trousers at a high waist, you can easily incorporate them into your wardrobe, and combine them with t-shirts, tops, jackets. This thing will be all-weather and beloved.

For more informal meetings, many fashionistas choose current culottes. Cotton cropped culottes are a must for girls who love comfort and practicality. A walk around the city or a party with friends - these pants can be worn with a free-cut sweatshirt and cowboys - and the stylish bow is ready.

Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk" Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk"
White is always bright. Especially when it comes to the trendy thing of this season - bicycles. Tight shorts, which instantly emphasize all the advantages of the figure, each time create a sensation. The formula for a stunning youth bow is simple: sneakers + oversized t-shirt + bikes. Against the b..
600 UAH
High Waist Pants "Irina Tydnyuk" High Waist Pants "Irina Tydnyuk"
-20 %
The all-weather universal model of straight trousers at a high waist is an eternal classic in the flesh. Black trousers are so easy to integrate into any wardrobe, without hesitation in advance with what to wear them, because they can make a shiny pair of t-shirts, tops, shirts, and even golfs. Thi..
1,200 UAH 960 UAH
Pantyhose with elastic "Irina Tydnyuk" Pantyhose with elastic "Irina Tydnyuk"
-20 %
Shortened   culottes   black   colors   of   natural   100 %   cotton   - must   have   wardrobe   girls who   are being watched   behind   fashionable   trends . Specific   length   culott   playfully   opens up   ankles . Legs   at   of these   broad   trousers   at   tandem   from   in boats   o..
1,200 UAH 960 UAH
Skirt black linen "Irina Tydnyuk" Skirt black linen "Irina Tydnyuk"
-30 %
Femininity in every line of this linen black skirt. A soft silhouette, high rise and waistline for emphasis on the waistline. The skirt has an inner button for a secure fit. In it you will feel freedom, simplicity and lightness in their most natural manifestation. Thanks to the high breathability, ..
1,400 UAH 980 UAH
High Waist Shorts "Irina Tydnyuk" High Waist Shorts "Irina Tydnyuk"
-50 %
Want to put together a practical and gentle summer look? Opt for g olub's shorts with a high waist. Classic wide leg shorts with tucks will be a good option for a light office outfit. Combine them with T-shirts, tops and blouses. Due to the high waist and wide cut legs will visually appear longer..
1,200 UAH 600 UAH
Shorts beige on a high waist
-20 %
Cotton beige shorts will suit lovers of classics and unobtrusive fashion trends. Wide-cut shorts blend wonderfully with elegant tops and loose blouses. Beige is in perfect harmony with calm pastel shades. The product has a high fit at the waist, an accent belt, side slanting pockets, tucks that cre..
1,200 UAH 960 UAH
Beige trousers are the cornerstone of a light and laid-back look for enjoyable walks or going to work. To keep up with fashion trends, choose high-waisted pants and a belt such as these. Breathable, natural and loose pants made of 100% cotton are the best option for summer outfits. A straight-cut m..
1,400 UAH
Trousers on a high waist gray "Irina Tydnyuk Trousers on a high waist gray "Irina Tydnyuk
-50 %
Trousers of gray color with a high waist, model 622. Fabric composition: cotton 50%, viscose 50%. S size options: Waist-60-65cm, OB-80-85 cm, length 98 Size Parameters M: Waist-65-70cm, OB-85-90 cm, length 100 L size options: Waist-70-75cm, OB-90-95 cm, length 101 ..
1,200 UAH 600 UAH
Trousers on a high waist in a cage "Irina Tydnyuk" Trousers on a high waist in a cage "Irina Tydnyuk"
-40 %
Brown plaid high waist trousers with belt Fabric composition: wool 70% + viscose 30% Size S: Product length - 97 cm Waist 65-70 cm Hips 85-91 cm Size M: Product length - 98 cm Waist 70-74 cm Hips 92-96 cm Size L: Product length -99 cm Waist 74-77 cm Hips 97-104 cm ..
1,400 UAH 840 UAH
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