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Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk"

Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk"
Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk"
Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk"
Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk"
Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk"
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Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk"
Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk"
Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk"
Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk"
Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk"
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Bicycles "Irina Tydnyuk"

White is always bright. Especially when it comes to the trendy thing of this season - bicycles. Tight shorts, which instantly emphasize all the advantages of the figure, each time create a sensation. The formula for a stunning youth bow is simple: sneakers + oversized t-shirt + bikes. Against the background of a wide top, the legs in bicycles will look very slender and fit. And if you want to give an image of sexy notes, replace sneakers with boats, and a T-shirt with a top with an oversized jacket. The natural cotton from which the model is made is breathable and hypoallergenic. Available sizes S , M or L.

Size S:

waist 60-65 cm

hips 84-89

product length 55 cm

Size M:

waist circumference 66-70 cm

hips 90-95

product length 55 cm

Size L:

waist circumference 70-75 cm

hips 95-98

product length 55 cm

Color beige
Type of clothing pants
Season spring Summer
Structure 70% viscose 20%lycra 10%elastane
The country of manufacture Ukraine
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Обхваты для размера S (42):
Обхват груди85 см
Обхват талии65 см
Обхват бедер90 см
Обхваты для размера M (44):
Обхват груди90 см
Обхват талии70 см
Обхват бедер95 см
Обхваты для размера L (46):
Обхват груди95 см
Обхват талии75 см
Обхват бедер100 см
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